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RHS Chelsea Flower Show Edition – what do gardening and music have in common?

Flowers from RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023. copyright Denise Quinlan

With mental health awareness week drawing to a close yesterday, and the Royal Horticultural Society’s flagship Chelsea Flower Show kicking off this morning, I’m excited to share a lovely little gem of a podcast with you. BBC’s Music in Bloom Podcast Five short episodes of 14 mins each, explore the surprising connections between music and gardens*. (It also helped pass […]

3 Tips for Garden Design Solopreneurs to Overcome Promotion Fear

If you feel uncomfortable promoting yourself, because it feels too much like a ‘ME ME ME’ boasting exercise, read on, you’re far from being alone. Many of us in the garden design world grapple with the balance between showcasing our talents and feeling uncomfortable with self-promotion. But fear not! Here are three friendly tips tailored just […]