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And congratulations on investing the time to get your business showing up in the world as it truly deserves!

If you’ve been looking for someone to help you take your business to the next level, you’ll know that identifying the right business coach can be almost as daunting a task as finding more customers.

But now you’ve found us.

About Denise

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An award-winning business coach, with over 23 years in sales, marketing, partnering and business development, Denise Quinlan blends her expertise with a passion for garden design.

Through one-on-one coaching, dynamic workshops, and comprehensive group programmes, Denise has empowered hundreds of garden and landscape designers to:
  • Overcome the obstacles keeping them from their goals
  • Get more exciting projects & clients they love
  • Create a financially flourishing business

Founder of The Insightful Collective, Denise specialises in working with garden designers delivering business-focused workshops, coaching and programmes.

Denise is proud to be a founding Affiliated Business Partner of The Society of Garden Designers and Associate Member of BALI.

When you’re looking for great clients, exciting projects, and a financially flourishing garden design business, then one of our programmes is for you.

Insightful Collective - Flourishing Business
Known for transforming how her clients present themselves and their business, Denise and her team are ready to provide you with inspired insights and game changing approaches for:
  • You to show up in the world as you truly deserve
  • Your business to flourish, attracting great clients and exciting projects
Insightful Collective - Jo Manfred Hamer

“My business has been established for some time now but I needed a fresh pair of eyes to tell me whether I was still on track. When I heard about Denise’s course I knew this would suit me very well as it would be a good run-through of what I needed to bear in mind. I found the course enlightening and very easy to follow.

Denise is very good at explaining things simply in a way which strikes a chord with business owners. I would highly recommend her.


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