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If you feel uncomfortable promoting yourself, because it feels too much like a ‘ME ME ME’ boasting exercise, read on, you’re far from being alone.

Many of us in the garden design world grapple with the balance between showcasing our talents and feeling uncomfortable with self-promotion. But fear not! Here are three friendly tips tailored just for you to help you overcome promotion shyness and cultivate your confidence:


  1. Plant Seeds of Value:Instead of viewing self-promotion as shouting “Look at me!”, think of it as sowing seeds of value to the people who can benefit from your expertise and knowledge.
    Share gardening tips, design inspiration, or insights into sustainable practices.See your promotion as a way to enrich the lives of those who read your posts and/or those you work with through offering valuable knowledge and expertise.Remember, your goal is to help others create beautiful outdoor spaces, so focus on how your business can bring joy and practical solutions to your clients’ lives.And for many designers, there are also the heart-felt goals of increasing biodiversity, supporting wildlife and increasing wellbeing, for both creatures and folk.
  2. Nurture Your Narrative:Tell your story. People love a good story. Share your journey as a garden designer – the ups, the downs, the projects that have inspired you, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. By letting people into your world, you make your brand more relatable and interesting.Remember, people love to hear the stories behind your favourite garden projects, so don’t be shy about sharing yours. They’re what make you unique.
  3. Cultivate Collective Celebrations:Take time to celebrate your wins, big and small, and invite your clients to join in the festivities. Whether it’s completing a challenging project, winning an award, or simply reaching a milestone, share your achievements with your audience.The right type of person, is more than happy to hear and celebrate wonderful success. (To counterbalance the huge volume of less positive news surrounding us!)But don’t stop there – highlight the successes of your clients too. Showcase the beautiful gardens you’ve helped create and the happiness you’ve brought to your clients’ lives. By celebrating together, you strengthen the bond between you and your audience and inspire others to dream big for their own outdoor spaces.


Like to find out more? 

  • You’re very welcome to drop me a line or join us for one of our upcoming workshops where we dig into this and many other challenges of running a business, including:
  • Mindset challenges – boosting business confidence, and slaying imposter syndrome

And share game-changing frameworks – tools and tips to build business expertise and skills for your garden design business dream to become a glowing reality.