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Who we work with

We specialise in working with business owners in the environmental horticulture industry who are making their mark for their domestic, business, public sector or non-for-profit clients. This includes Garden Designers, Horticulturalists, Landscapers, Landscape Designers, Landscape Architects and Planting Designers in UK, Europe, the US and Canada, and around the world.

Sometimes not fully recognising their impact-laden talents, my nature-friendly clients are skilled and passionate in their personal quest to:

Bring year-round delight to their customers
Educate, promote and improve biodiversity
Stop the use of plastic grass and plants
Reduce landfill
Support wildlife
Attract more pollinators

However, they recognise that running a business is a different, and sometimes, quite a foreign, skillset. They are more than happy to invest in getting their business motoring in a more assured, right direction, rather than waste time and resources (money included) working it out through trial and error.

Often, they are relieved to invest in an expert who:

Brings a different, seasoned perspective and sounding board.
Shares proven, game-changing strategies to get their business making the impact that drove them to set up their business, to a wider audience.

With her innovative, yet easily explained and implementable approaches, Denise has been delivering business, and photography workshops for the Society of Gardens Designers since January 2021; and for the British Association of Landscape Industries.

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