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What we do.

Welcome to the Garden Design Business Accelerator Programme. We’re all about helping passionate garden designers like you achieve incredible success in your garden design ventures.

How we do it.

Our purpose is simple, to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support, and create the breakthroughs you need to build a thriving garden design business.

We get it – running your own garden design business comes with its unique challenges, and we’re here to make that journey a whole lot easier.

Understanding You

What We Bring to YOUR Table

In a nutshell… we help you cut through the noise!

In a world where everyone is bombarded, daily, with millions of messages, from a multitude of channels, we help you make sure that yours is the voice that gets heard.

Our Programmes and workshops are all about giving you a proven path, game-changing strategies, and essential tools to supercharge your garden design business to:
Insightful Collective - What We Do

Business Accelerator Programmes

We have 3 great options for you, specific to your needs:

One-to-One Coaching Programme

With one-to-one attention, we look at where you are now and where you want to get you and your business; and what’s getting the way.
We then provide a bespoke path:
To really accelerate your business, the sessions are delivered over a 3-month minimum period.
Ready to really move your business forward? Wonderful! Book a complimentary coaching call for expert advice on how to overcome the greatest challenge getting in the way, and make sure this is a good fit for you and your business
Insightful Collective Testimonial Caroline Loup

“Following Denise’s coaching, I have rethought our business fundamentals to better reflect how we design and work with clients, contractors and suppliers plus my own priorities as business owner. I found having an independent view from a professional who understands the sector, its joys and challenges, invaluable. Our conversations focused me on prioritising things which were important but I had put off.

It’s easy to be distracted by the landscape and garden design and transformation i.e. the doing, and forget business imperatives. Working with Denise was not a pushover but very enjoyable.”

CAROLINE LOUP, Caroline Loup Landscape & Garden Design

Group Programme

Perfect for those who like the dynamics of being part of a group while staving off feelings of business owner isolation.
This approach provides the scope to work through the structured content and material outlined above, at your own pace, at times that best work for you. To support and guide you through, addressing your specific questions, ideas and challenges, we also include:
Ready to Take the First Step?
Insightful Collective Testimonial Sadie Honeybun

“The biggest transformation is how I now see myself and the growth in my self-belief. I finally value and recognise my wealth of experience and knowledge!

It’s as though I’ve unlocked the key to who I am – my passion, my background, an amazing amount of skill, and importantly, what I’m worth. All rolled into one. It’s been a massive shift which is amazing!

I’ve not just put up my prices which is great, but I’m much more comfortable bringing out all these valued elements, confidently. It’s been a game-changer.”

SADIE HONEYBUN Plant People, Garden Designer & Horticultural Specialist

Self-Study Course

For those of you who prefer, and are motivated to work by yourself, at your own pace, and at times that best work for you.
You have personal access to the structured and unique content, materials and resources outlined above to support your progress.
Prefer to Join the Self Study Course?
Insightful Collective Testimonial Daniel Adiego

Daniel describes his business BEFORE joining our Business Accelerator Programme:

“It felt like a game of pinãta. You’re doing the right thing holding the stick but then you don’t know where the pinãta is. It’s always that feeling of, I know this is what I have to do but with this movement, I don’t know if I’m going to get, the right results!” What I most enjoy now, for both my business and me :

DANIEL ADIEGO Founder and Principal Designer of The Bloomsbury Gardener


We run a number of different shorter workshops throughout the year, including:

Get Great Clients - Part 2 - at Provender Nurseries - 9.15am - 4.30pm, Friday 19 April

Having established key foundational ‘must have’ approaches for your business in Get Great Clients – Part 1, we dig deeper and share further game changing approaches to get you more of the clients you love. 

Unlock Your Garden Design
Business Success

Love what you do yet frustrated by how best to get you and your business ‘out there’. Then join us for this recorded live workshop and get yourself on the path to a business that delivers your dreams

SGD Continuing Professional Development Workshops

Denise delivers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops such as ‘Get Great Clients’ Part 1 and 2, and ‘Photographing Gardens to Promote your business’ for the UK’s leading professional Garden Design association, The Society of Garden Designers (SGD). Non-members are welcome to join the workshops..
Insightful Collective Testimonial Jane Houghton

“Really great workshop. Learnt so much and have already seen results following Denise’s guidance. My god, you know your stuff!”

JANE HOUGHTON, Jane Houghton Garden Design

Friendly Business Networking - SME Force for Good

Vibrant and friendly networking for business-owning, creative-thinking entrepreneurs.

Easy to join via Zoom, SME Force for Good is all about supporting small business owners.
Insightful Collective Testimonial David Pugsley

“Support, networking, fun, and community.”

How Success Strategist and Story Teller, DAVID PUGSLEY, describes SME Force for Good. And why he returns.

Nicky McKenna - WSI Digital Advisors - SME Force for Good Networking

“Networking is an important marketing channel for our business – I love the energy in the virtual room, and always meet such interesting people. The timing is not too early, and not too long, and the tutorial sessions are always super-helpful. A fab networking choice for both new and experienced networkers!”

NICKY McKENNA – CEO WSI Digital Advisors