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3 Great Questions to Review Your Business Year

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Denise Quinlan at The Insightful Collective (@insightfulcollective) What should you* keep doing with your business? What’s working well? What is worth still doing but needs adjustment for it to really motor/have even better impact? What do you need to stop doing? For example, what is absorbing […]

Festive-season ready with your killer one-line intro of what you do?

As we’re about to dive deeply into the festive season of parties and social events: Are you ready with your best business-developing answer to the “What do you do?” question? Now, what we want is something that offers the opportunity to: Conjure a visual image of the amazing results you deliver And the transformative impact […]

Owning the Frame

Insightful Collective Testimonial Jane Houghton

The concept of ‘owning the frame’ is something I emphasise a lot in the customer engagement context

Tip To Grab Your Target Prospect’s Attention

And grab their attention much faster! In an incredibly content overloaded world, how do you get your prospect’s attention, pronto? Before I share the answer, it’s important to realise people are only interested in 2 things: 1. Themselves AND 2. What you can do for them What impact does this have for you and your […]