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And grab their attention much faster!

In an incredibly content overloaded world, how do you get your prospect’s attention, pronto?

Before I share the answer, it’s important to realise people are only interested in 2 things:

1. Themselves
2. What you can do for them

What impact does this have for you and your business?

Well, your target prospects’ ears and eyes are going to be much more attuned to hearing how you can solve their problems or meet their aspirations. For example, they may:
• Have an uninspiring garden full of kid’s play equipment
• A great new extension & want a beautiful garden view to enjoy
• Want a relaxing space to enjoy their morning coffee/evening G&T
Focus on their problems and/or aspirations and you’ll get their attention, much faster!
• They’ll think “Hey, I need to check this person out more”
• And this, importantly, puts you ahead of other providers who simply list the services they offer
I work with my garden designer and horticulturalist clients to get what I call their ‘clear client-focused messaging’ in great shape. It’s foundational stuff as it:
• Grabs your target clients’ attention faster
• Puts you ahead of others who aren’t doing this!
This specialist messaging is the essence of how you articulate yourself and your business, whether it’s spoken (as per Monday’s update on your engaging ‘one liner’ explanation of what you do and who you are), written or filmed.
Want to get your target client’s attention?

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