Insightful Collective

As we’re about to dive deeply into the festive season of parties and social events:

  • Are you ready with your best business-developing answer to the “What do you do?” question?

Now, what we want is something that offers the opportunity to:

  • Conjure a visual image of the amazing results you deliver
  • And the transformative impact you have for your target clients
  • Get a conversation going about this

Rather than “I’m a garden designer (full stop)”.

When you meet people, at any time of the year, it’s good to be prepared with a considered one liner. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to ignite a conversation about what you do, in a sparkling way.

Unfortunately, “I’m a garden designer (full stop)” doesn’t provide an easy platform to get the conversation flowing. Especially when the person may not know what that is.

And the Christmas social season is the perfect time to practise

Have a listen below to Samantha Bush-Nelson’s short and punchy introduction below: