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Create Your Financially Flourishing Garden Design Business:

Group programme

A guided ‘work with you’ programme to get you where you want you & your business to be, faster than by ploughing your own lone furrow

The nine-week programme includes, per week:

Also included: Two 1:1 coaching calls – one before the programme start & one on completion

What we cover week by week

1 Vision & Objectives

Firstly, the bigger picture of where your garden design practice fits in the context of what you want to get out of life; where your practice is now and where you want to take it

2 Clear client-focused messaging (CCFM), the next level

Having established the CCFM format in The Society of Garden Designers’ ‘Cut through the noise. Get great clients – Part 1’ workshop

3 Map your network

4 Create offerings to match your sweet-spot clients’ needs - Part 1

5 Your customers’ journey & experience

6 Know your worth, show your value, & make it easy for the client to choose you

7 Know, Like, Trust (KLT) marketing

8 How to partner to grow your business

9 Create offerings to match your sweet-spot clients’ needs - Part 2

Programme dates 2023

Your investment

Early bird offer


Kind words

Insightful Collective - Nikki Lakin

“My mindset has shifted. Both mentally & process-wise, I feel more robust. I really feel armed for the future.”

Deep Green Studio

“It really helped me to find out my USP, the factors that make my service different. This also definitely helps me to be identified as a garden designer. In my mind and my clients’ :). I’ve been in many workshops, and I have to say that yours had really good structure and it was a real workshop with interaction. Not just changing slides.”

Pihailo Garden Studio, Finland.

Lea Rauta, Pihailo Garden Studio, Finland

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