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Create Your Financially Flourishing Garden Design Business:

One-to-one coaching


Who benefits most from one-to-one coaching?

Those who want

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How the coaching is delivered

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The investment

Whether you’re aiming to generate £200,000, £100,000 or £20,000 from your business, an approximate minimum price for a garden design to create a viable business needs to be £3,000. If you bill for less than this, we look at how to reposition your value to ensure you’re charging appropriately.

Kind words

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“The biggest transformation is how I now see myself and the growth in my self-belief. I finally value and recognise my wealth of experience and knowledge!

It’s as though I’ve unlocked the key to who I am – my passion, my background, an amazing amount of skill, and importantly, what I’m worth. All rolled into one. It’s been a massive shift which is amazing!

I’ve not just put up my prices which is great, butI’m much more comfortable bringing out all these valued elements, confidently. It’s been a game-changer.”

Plant People, Garden Designer & Horticultural Specialist

“A very big thank you for all your work this year. You absolutely pushed me in the right direction with just the correct amount of pressure!

You made me think about my business in a really positive way. I honestly don’t think I’d have had as much work this year without your input.

I’ve seen three potential family gardens in the past month and for December that’s pretty amazing!”

Laura Lee Gardens

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